ZINCANNEAL? steel products provide excellent bending, rollforming, welding and painting to meet your fabrication performance requirements. These products have a matte grey zinc/iron alloy-coating. The surface is spangle free and therefore suitable for post painting

The range consists of ZINCANNEAL? G2S, ZINCANNEAL? G3NS and ZINCANNEAL? G3NS-E steels, all adhering to the Australian Standards.

The ZINCANNEAL? G2S steel are typically used for electrical cabinets, non-exposure automotive panels, washing machines, acoustic ceiling tiles, door frames and switchboards. ZINCANNEAL? G3NS and ZINCANNEAL? G3NS-E are designed specifically deep drawing applications

.The product range consists of


  • Thickness range between 0.5mm and 2mm
  • ZF100 is the normal coating class while 45F45, 60F60 and ZF80 are optional

ZINCANNEAL? G3NS and G3NS-E steels

  • Thickness range between 0.6mm and 1.6mm
  • 45F45 is the normal coating class while 60F60, ZF80 and ZF100 are optional

For all the details relating to the products please see the relevant datasheet below.