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                      Introducing BlueScope's new coil plate product name

                      BlueScope customers and employees have shown they're definitely excited about the transition to our new coil plate product. We've had an overwhelming response of over 1,400 entries in our 'Suggest a name' competition. After careful deliberation the new name of BlueScope's Coil Plate product is

                      TRU-SPEC™ Coil Plate steel

                      TRU-SPEC™ Coil Plate steel was selected as is combines two key benefits that our customers will experience.

                      • "TRU" links to "TRUE" for accuracy when cutting, pressing and bending the new product.
                      • "SPEC" represents a product that meets required specifications, whilst providing a consistently straight and flat product, every time.

                      The winning product names of the competition are

                      TRUPLATE – Graeme Martin, Transfield Services (non-BlueScope employees)

                      TRU-SPEC Coil Plate steel – Rob Giles, BlueScope (BlueScope employees only)

                      The winners of the 'Name our Product' competition have been notified. Thank you to everyone who participated.

                      For more information on the new processing line, stretch levelling technology and BlueScope's product capabilities visit

                      Non-BlueScope employees please read the Terms and Conditions.

                      BlueScope employees please read the BlueScope Employee Terms and Conditions.