BlueScope Steel products give builders and certifiers a number of assurances:

  • they are 100 per cent Australian made and fully traceable to the point of production.
  • conform to all relevant standards - including AS 1397, which relates to the metallic coating and substrate, and AS/NZS 2728, covering the performance requirements for pre-painted sheet metal.
  • they are fully branded and can be easily identified.
  • full documentation - including test certificates, data sheets and project warranty - are available.

In addition, BlueScope Steel offers a range of unique, innovative coating technologies to suit various applications:

  • Thermatech® solar reflectance technology is used in BlueScope Steel's COLORBOND® and Coolmax® steel to optimise thermal performance for the harsh Australian climate.
  • Only BlueScope Steel incorporates antibacterial product protection as a standard inclusion in COLORBOND® Permagard® steel.
  • AM metallic coated steel, with improved durability, extended warranty and reduced environmental footprint, is only made by BlueScope Steel.

Not all steel products are created equal, and the BlueScope Steel brand is the best way to ensure high quality and industry-compliant products. 

Building Codes:

Risks of non-compliance & how to specify for:

  • Roofing & Walling
  • Cold Formed
  • Welded Beams

How to ensure compliance: